About Us

At Sanosil Biotech we make it our primary mission to examine and understand the specific disinfection requirements of our clients, and then provide a reliable solution for those exacting requirements. We have decades of experience servicing diverse industries such as

  • Pharmaceutical Manufacture
  • Hospitals
  • Food and Beverage Processing – including Dairies, Meat and Seafood Exporters
  • Fruit & Vegetable Processing, and
  • Poultry Farms

Sanosil Biotech has been a pioneer in bringing eco-friendly disinfection solutions to India. Since our inception we have revolutionized the way Hospitals fumigate their OT's by replacing carcinogenic products like formalin with our chlorine-free formulation. Dev Gupta – CEO, Sanosil Biotech, with the help of several Hospital Infection Committees has ushered in a new gold standard for indoor fumigation.

Our brand Virosil Pharma is also used by several leading pharmaceutical manufacturers across India. They rely on us to provide them with products and services for Aerial, Surface, Water, Pipeline and Equipment Disinfection at their facilities. A facility can now be completely fumigated and sterile within 60 minutes compared to 24 hours with Formalin, and without any risk of contamination to the worker.

Our formulations are also used to increase the shelf life of horticultural produce like fruits, vegetables and flowers. Farmers lose $25 billion approximately in revenue every year as their produce gets contaminated with fungal attacks and cannot be exported or marketed locally. Our patented formulations VirosilAgrocare and Floracare help extend the shelf life of produce by over 50% using our widely researched and tested formulation which is 100% eco-friendly and non-toxic.

Eco-friendly solutions for disinfection are at then core of all our product offerings. We believe in enhancing what nature provides best. Our products are internationally patented formulations, manufactured in India. All our products have been thoroughly tested under strict regulation imposed by various regulatory bodies including the FDA, and Health regulators in Europe and the Middle East.