Virosil Pharma is an eco friendly fumigant to protect against CoVID-19

Aerial Transmission of CoVID-19

As CoVID 19 continues its rampant spread across the world, India is battling the much dreaded second wave of infection. Not only is the current pathogen more virulent and contagious, but it also appears to be spreading rapidly this time through aerial transmission.

Understanding the Virus

Viral genetic material is packaged inside protein structures called capsids. All viruses are divided into two groups:
enveloped viruses which are surrounded by an outer lipid membrane;
non-enveloped viruses which lack this membrane. Where present, the envelope contains the viral proteins, which mediate binding to host cells.Breaking down this envelope is one of the most effective methods of neutralizing the virus in the air.

What is Aerial transmission?

Aerial transmission is where the virus remains air borne for longer periods of time (unto 1 hour in case of the current variants), rendering most indoor spaces highly risky and contagious for an extended period of time once an infected person has been there.

How can Aerial transmission be controlled?

The only effective method for for neutralizing airborne pathogens is by a process called “Fogging”. Fogging is a process where a fine mist of the neutralizing agent is released into an enclosed space and allowed to stay suspended in the air (linger). The small size of the fine particles stay suspended in the air for an extended period allowing them time to act on the virus’s envelope and break it down thereby neutralizing it.

Virosil Pharma has a proven track record for disinfecting spaces effectively providing protection from a host of fungi and pathogens. Coronavirus belongs to the group of enveloped viruses which have been proven to be susceptible to Sanosil’s line of disinfectants.

Is Fumigation Safe?

Aerial Fumigation using Virosil Pharma is totally safe. Once sprayed Virosil breaks down into Water and Oxygen making it the safest and most eco-friendly option compared to other alcohol- and ammonia-based disinfectants.

Product Description

Virosil Pharma is a multi-component fumigant and disinfectant. The oxidizing agent used is hydrogen peroxide, which is bonded with stabilizing agents to form a complex solution. A long-lasting effect is ensured by the addition of silver, which acts as a catalyst in trace amounts. The bactericidal effect of silver is based on the fact that the monovalent silver ion Ag+ binds very firmly to bacterial proteins by a covalent or co-ordinate bond, and thus inactivates or precipitates these.

Effective Mode of Action

The combined effect of hydrogen peroxide and silver nitrate attacks cell walls of micro-organisms upon direct contact. Nascent oxygen denaturizes the cell wall and disrupts cytoplasm stability. This effect is boosted by silver ions that disrupt protein activities associated with reproductive and metabolic systems and deactivates them resulting in rapid cellular degradation and microbial death.

Silver H2O2 disrupts the cellular membrane of micro-organisms and attacks internal cell structure and processes. H2O2 decomposes into water and oxygen (2H2O2 –> 2H2O+O2 ) and traces of nano silver form a residue on the disinfected surface. These silver traces are invisible and non-toxic but actively and effectively counteract re-germination and re-growth.

Virosil Pharma effectively protects critical surfaces that come in contact with it.
It is recommended to wash clothes and skin that have been contaminated with the pathogen (excrements) with soap and water. Additionally bjects and surfaces should be physically cleaned with Virosil Pharma Disinfectant for maximum protection.

Aerial Fogging

When Virosil Pharma is used with a recommended Sanomist fogger machine, it generates a very fine mist with a droplet size of less than 1 micron. This helps the disinfectant solution to be sprayed evenly. The smaller the sprayed droplet size, the more effective is the action of the disinfectant solution while also achieving a broader coverage area. A specific area can be rendered completely sterile within 60 minutes of spraying without causing any irritation to the eyes, nose and skin – unlike conventionally used formulations.

SanoMist Fogger

The recommended ULV fogger emits a very fine mist which allows the formulation to be suspended in the atmosphere for a longer period of time. This guarantees100% kill on all air-borne bacteria and fungi.

The autonomous precision spraying tool (the ULV fogger machines), can also be a highly effective alternative to accurately releasing disinfectants over open places. Foggers can be directed to spray where as needed and cover a wider area, helping to improve public hygiene and reduce the risk of virus transmission through aerial & surface contact.

Virosil Pharma is presently used in premier health and pharma organizations and institutions such as Aurobindo, Pfizer, Cipla, Dabur, Ranbaxy, J&J, Abbott, Serum Institute, Dr. Reddy’s, Lupin Labs, Cadila Healthcare, Wockhardt, Biocon, Mylan Labs Astrazeneca, Reliance Life Sciences etc., as an effective fumigant and disinfectant providing microbial containment and completely safe and sterile environments.

The company also offers customized disinfection audits on this website.


  • Eco- friendly – It is totally bio-degradable since (H2O2) breaks down into water & oxygen
  • Chlorine free
  • Non-toxic (no irritation to skin or eyes)
  • No effect on pH
  • Non carcinogenic & non mutagenic
  • Totally risible with no remains


  • can easily be dosed
  • does not foam
  • decomposes into water and oxygen
  • treats any other material with consideration

About Us

Sanosil biotech is the first company in India to pioneer the novel concept of eco-friendly fumigation. The company has great respect for human health and the environment. Virosil is a revolutionary, eco-friendly, non-toxic disinfectant and fumigant (aerosol) for use by pharmaceutical companies. Virosil is a patented formulation manufactured in India in technical collaboration with Sanosil AG of Switzerland.

The formulation is approved for use by a number of leading pharma companies and hospitals in India and abroad including The German Society for Hygiene & Microbiology, Food & Drug Administration (MS), Public Health Department of Switzerland and by various Health Departments in Western Europe, Australia & The Middle East.

Virosil is manufactured in India in technical collaboration with SANOSIL AG of Switzerland, who is the patent holder and has joint venture agreements in more than 15 countries including France, Italy, Spain, Holland, Norway, South Africa, Australia, Saudi Arabia, Oman, the UAE, etc. The product is actively used in various countries by reputed institutions and has been thoroughly tested under strict regulations imposed by European Health bodies

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