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Our Concept

We aim to bring specialized multi-use disinfectants that can cater to the diverse disinfection needs of people in various sectors.

Virosil – ‘Vir’ is for attacking viruses and ‘Sil’ relates to Silver as it is a silver-based disinfectant that is used in nanoparticles (Nanotechnology). Disinfectants with high concentration of alcohol can cause skin and respiratory irritation. Bleach solutions are also toxic & can cause skin & respiratory irritation. Also, bleach cannot be used on soft surfaces.

Virosil uses a WHO and CDC approved eco-friendly, highly effective formula that does not contain any alcohol or bleach. Not only is it safe, Virosil formulated disinfectants are cost-effective as well. Using Virosil products to disinfect and fumigate will cost you less than 5 paise per square feet!