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Sanosil Biotech has a legacy since 1980s of successfully having replaced carcinogenic products like formalin with chlorine-free formulation and having successfully revolutionized the way hospitals fumigate their Operation Theatres (OTs). We have been trusted for over 30 years across industries, from pharmaceuticals to F&B processing.

Sanosil Biotech’s products under the Virosil brand are competent for Aerial, Surface, Water, Pipeline, and Equipment Disinfection & are trusted by numerous leading pharmaceutical manufacturers across the country and they solely rely on Virosil products for disinfecting their facilities. All products are internationally approved and patented formulations, manufactured in India.
Our vision is to provide safe and eco-friendly disinfection solutions to all people in India and the world with special formulations that cater to the needs of a diverse population.

Our mission is to examine and understand the specific disinfection requirements of our clients, customers and consumers and then provide a reliable solution for those exact requirements. The high demanding requests of our customers motivate us to initiate extensive R&D and come up with products and services meeting those needs. The Covid-19 situation is one such instance where we rigorously worked on how our disinfectants would help people to keep their surroundings clean and free from viruses, germs, bacteria, and more.